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Fresh Meat

All of our fresh meats are imported and cut to order.  Even though we only began our Trevose location in 2008, our selection of fresh, imported meats have made us the premier destination for local patrons and out-of-towners alike.  We are able to achieve this feat by carrying a full line of Dietz & Watson products in addition to other freshly imported meats.  By selling only the best products Dietz & Watson has to offer, the customers that come to Roma’s Italian Specialty Market are never let down!  Our selection is vast and can only been seen to believe, but here is a glimpse of what we offer:

Cured Meats
For those of you who don’t know, curing a term used to describe the preservation and flavoring of foods.  Common foods that are cured include ham, pork, beef, poultry, fish, and more!  The process of curing meats usually takes about two years and is well worth the wait.  It’s what keeps our customers coming back for more!  

The procedure for curing meats varies from deli to deli, however the essence of it is to add salt, nitrates, nitrites, or sugar to the meat in order to keep it nice and dry.  Curing has been a process utilized by humans since the ancient times and was the most common way of preserving meat up until the late 19th century.  Advances in refrigeration other synthetic preservatives have lead to the decline in the amount of cured meats, but we still do it the old way!  The salt and other spices added during the process add to the flavor of our meats.  We are confident that the care and quality effort that our experts use will make you a customer for life!

Prosciutto Di Parma
In order to obtain the best possible ham for our customers, the process starts at the very beginning!  The pigs are raised humanely and carefully selected.  This Italian tradition deserves nothing short of perfection and at Roma’s, our customers get just that!  Why ruin a tradition that has been creating perfect ham for thousands of years?  To keep our selection of Prosciutto Di Parma as authentic as possible, we honor these traditions by remaining 100% natural while using no additives or preservatives.  

We keep is simple too!  To keep the tradition alive, our parma ham only has 4 ingredients:

  1. Italian-born and humanely raised pigs
  2. Salt
  3. Air
  4. Time

Prosciutto Cotto
The differences between American and Italian ham is unparalleled.  Unlike the American version, our authentic Italian ham has the skin left on to retain the moisture and flavor.  When it’s cooked, it’s cooked slowly along with aromatic spices to give it that Italian taste.  As generations have come and gone, this method of preparing has remained the same and has been perfected by people all over the world.

While it may appear similar to an American baked ham, the similarities are few and far between.  Prosciutto Cotto is characterized by a low sodium level while offering flavor unmatched by its American counterpart.   A Roma’s we aim to bring authentic Italian cuisine to our customers so they too can experience the greatness of the Italian way of life!  Come on by the store to see what keeps our customers coming back for more!

As with our other Italian specialties, the tradition behind Soppressata is one that Roma’s continues to honor to this day.  This authentic Italian salami, provided by Dietz & Watson, hasn’t changed in generations.  It is made of hand-trimmed pork, combined with natural seasonings, along with a hint of white wine.  To get the most flavor out of it as possible, it is cured for an extended time period which gives it that reddish color coupled with a bold, authentic flavor.  

Being an Italian specialty, parts of its native country offer their own unique styles.  Basilicata, Apulia, and Calabria bring to the table a cured dry sausage, while other parts of the country such as Tuscany and Liguria offer an uncured salami.  Roma’s Italian Speciality offers both kinds in an effort to bring authentic Italian cuisine to the Trevose area.  Come stop by to see what keeps our customers coming back for more!

Mortadella is another Italian favorite that we are proud to offer in our store.  This large Italian sausage is made of finely ground pork which is also heat-cured.  Mortadella is a product of Bologna, Italy and is commonly flavored with ground black pepper, myrtle berries, and pistachios to give it that authentic Italian taste.  Once the spices are added, the meat is then oven roasted for up to 24 hours in order to give it a  subtle, aromatic flavor.

Our selection is sure to please!  Offering authentic Italian cuisine to the area for years have led us to be the premier destination in Bucks County.  Nearby customers aren’t the only ones who frequent our store, people across the Delaware Valley make the trip because we stick to our roots!  Our mortadella meats make the perfect addition to any sandwich or antipasto.  Come see what keeps our customers coming back!  

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