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Expansive Selection of Top Quality Cheeses

At Roma’s Italian Specialties, we pride ourselves on bringing real Italian cuisine to the Bucks County area.  We are widely known throughout the Delaware Valley as the premier destination for Italian Cheeses.  Our selection is vast and includes the likes of aged asiago, piave, sweet provolone and much more!

Variety of Cheeses

Locatelli…… $12.99/lb 
Simply the best quality Pecorino Romano!  This cheese, commonly used as a grating, is made from the milk of sheep is comes from the provinces Lazio and Sardina.

Montegrappa…… $14.99/lb 
Montegrappa is made of aged cow’s milk from the Veneto region of Italy.  It’s flavor is nutty with a sweet finish with a texture similar to that of cheddar.

Pecorino Gran Cru…… $15.99/lb 
This cheese comes from the region of Sardina and is made from the milk of sheep.  It has a hard texture and is commonly aged for at least 20 months.  

Piave…… $15.99/lb 
Piave is made from cow’s milk and is actually named after the Piave river.  Only official piave is produced in province of Belluno.  Its characteristics include a hard texture and comes in a variety of agings.

Crema Paese…… $13.99/lb 
This cheese, made from cow’s milk, matures in about 6 to 8 weeks before being used.  Featuring a creamy and light milky aroma, its color is a pale yellow.  Crema Paese is commonly paired with fruity wines or is the perfect substitute for mozzarella cheese on a pizza.  

Pecorino Calabrese…… $15.99/lb 
Pecorino Calabrese is a hard cheese made from the milk of sheep.  Provinces around Italy like to add their own unique spices to the ingredients.  Common ones are black peppercorns or red chili flakes.

Stilton…… $20.99/lb 
This English cheese comes in two varieties: blue and white.  And to be a Stilton, it can only be produced in Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Nottingham from local cows.

Italian Butter…… $3.99/ea
Fresh Italian butter is a spectacular side dish for bread and is suitable for any occasion!

Aged Asiago…… $14.99/lb 
This Italian cow’s milk cheese comes in a variety of textures which differs depending on the age.  Our aged parmesan is generally of the crumbly texture, as compared to the smoothness of fresh asiago.  Often grated, aged asiago makes a perfect addition to salads, soups, pastas, or sauces.

Imported Mascarpone…… $9.99/ea 
Known for its creamy texture and rich taste, our selection of mascarpone comes straight from Italy!  It makes the perfect foundation for traditional Italian desserts.

Imported Auricchio Sharp Provolone…… $14.99/lb 
This Italian provolone cheese is sharp and aged for at least 6 months.  This cow-produced cheese is often referred to as one of the best tasting provolone cheeses in the world!

Domestic Auricchio…… $12.99/lb 
Featuring many of the same qualities as its imported counterpart, domestic auricchio is a favorite across all parts of the US for its great taste.

Imported Buffalo Moz…… $9.99/ea
Made from the milk of domestic Italian water buffalo, this mozzarella cheese features an elastic texture and is commonly known around the world as “The Queen of the Mediterranean cuisine.”

Manchego…… $16.99/lb 
Made in the La Mancha region of Spain from the milk of sheep, Manchego cheese is commonly aged from 60 days to two years.  It has a firm, compact consistency along with a buttery texture and features small air pockets.  

Parmigiano Reggiano…… $19.99/lb 
Known as the “King of Cheeses”, parmigiano reggiano is made of unpasteurized cow’s milk and is commonly found grated over pasta, soups, or salads.  Real parmigiano reggiano comes from the provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Bologna, Modena, and Mantua.

St. Andre…… $13.99/lb 
This brand of French cow’s milk has a white, bloomy skin of mold and is largely produced in Vire, Calvados.  It’s soft buttery texture make it a favorite across the world.

Topolino Sweet Provolone…… $12.99/lb 
This provolone cheese is semi-hard and has a mild, sweet flavor!  

Prima Donna (Red)…… $21.99/lb 
What makes prima donna cheese unique is that it is not aged for a specific period of time, but rather until it has a particular flavor.  

Prima Donna (Blue)…… $14.99/lb 
What makes prima donna cheese unique is that it is not aged for a specific period of time, but rather until it has a particular flavor.  

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