4029 Brownsville Road Trevose, PA 19053

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I'm originally a Brooklyn girl then transplanted to north jersey and Italian delis are on every street corner.. Once I moved to Pa, I knew it will be something I will miss.. But last year, before thanksgiving, I was looking to put together an antipasta platter.. Enter this little gem! I was in my heaven.. It reminded me as a child going to 86th street with my parents in Brooklyn.. Definitely brought back some happy memories! This is my one stop shop for some real Italian food!

Barbara D.
Barbara D.

Oh My Gosh. I really hope this place makes it. A real Italian market with fresh pasta, bread delivered fresh from Brooklyn daily, and great desserts. (The personal size tirimasu and other desserts come in a REAL glass dish that you keep. I know its not a big deal, but in this day and age something of quality IN something of quality is a rarity!) The shopping center is small and kind of hard to get into, but if you park on the little side street next to it you should be good. Warning - the owner may try to feed you samples when you are in there! 🙂

Kimberly S.

The crab-stuffed ravioli here is very good with a generous amount of filling! The pasta itself is tender and they don't skimp on the crabmeat. Try it with a rosa-cream sauce. They have a lot of varieties, including cheese, meat, mushroom, and spinach but the crab is my favorite. The stuffed shells here are also better than anything that you would get from a neighborhood pizza parlor, too. The stock of Italian grocery items here is almost as amazing as Claudio's. They have everything from prosciutto to smoked cheeses to peppers to olive oils. Plus, they also have assemble-your-own cannoli components, anise pizelles, and tiramisu (almost as good as Roma Bakery's in Blue Bell). While it's not as jaw-droppingly amazing as DiBruno's or Claudio's, this is as good as it gets in NE Phila.

Danan R.
Danan R.