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Top Five Italian Recipes You Should Know Of

Top Five Italian Recipes You Should Know Of

Going over some Italian basics.

Now that we’ve given you the essential ingredients in most Italian recipes we thought we should let you in on some traditional recipes as well! These recipes will give you a good basis to Italian cooking.

A glimpse at 5 Italian must knows!

Pizza Time!

Who doesn’t love a good pizza!? That’s what we thought. While we understand that there are plenty of pizza resources around we truly believe that nothing beats making your own dough. Of course we can offer you some helpful tips to start; always set aside extra olive oil and make sure use the dough immediately or freeze it immediately.

Meatballs… Everywhere…

We aren’t sure about everyone else but, we remember meatballs being a staple at the grandparents home and we would want to encourage our customers to make it a staple in their homes as well. We offer a wonderful selection of meats to choose from and some advice on the best meatball rolling tips around. We also encourage you to make whatever recipe you follow your own, go ahead mix and match the spices.

Feeling Saucy?

That’s okay, so are we! It may be hard to believe but making your own pasta sauce is a lot easier than it sounds. We have the perfect sides to go along with your perfect sauce and maybe even some helpful suggestions when you stop in! We want you to be able to pair your sauce with all different types of pastas and breads. We welcome the idea of taste-testing and adjustments to get the perfect feel for your meal.


It was hard to find something catchy for this basic dish, but what it comes down to is that lasagna is a classic. Perfect for special dinners or for weekly meal plans. Convenient and delicious all in one. Plus, this dish can be made with multiple options, meat or no meat, cheese and veggies the possibilities are quite endless!


The basic of basic Italian dishes. The main course in hundreds of meals. Not only do we prepare this Italian go-to item daily but we happen to know for a fact that you can too! Remember that food doesn’t have to be an art, but it does have to be something fun and engaging. Find a recipe and give it a try!

Of course we are open to suggestions and discussion on Italian dishes. We also hope that these tips help, especially if you were in a crunch with no idea what to make for dinner tonight or tomorrow. And remember to ask the experts whenever you have a question!